Products & System Functionalities

Light and Charger System 
Duka  10 Watts   


This system can be commercially used for store front light and cell phone charging and phone repair facility – one to three light bulbs and three universal charge ports. This idea can be a huge business concept for the youth in informal communities.






Cell Phone Service Business

Similarly, the Light and Charger System can be used for lighting a small house – four lights, one radio port and one cell phone charge port.






Solar powered low income/village housing

Community Area Lighting System –

Jamii 30 Watts

The Community Area Lighting system can be utilized for the vast untapped potential for street lighting systems in isolated rural regions and slum housing clusters.  The community lights will not only light up the area but offer security at night. 

Streets LightingCommunity/Village Lighting


Solar Home System –

Ecolizer   80 Watts  


This is an AC/DC system.  It consists of a single 80 Watts solar panel mounted on the roof, and connected via a voltage regulator to a battery for charging during daytime and at night it provides direct current for the home. This is a medium size unit using 80 watts panel. The daily output of this system is 1,200 watts, which can support the use of three 8 Watts LED light bulbs, a radio, a universal cell phone charger and a color TV/Computer. This is a pure sine wave that controls electrical fluctuations. This system aims to provide up to 8 clean bright lights several rooms within a household, three cell phone chargers, and a port for a small appliance (radio).  additionally, this system will power up a medium size television/computer for up to 6 hours daily via its AC outlet. 


    Medium House Using Solar


Solar Expanded System –

Ecolizer   160 - 240 Watts  



The Ecolizer system is designed to allow expansion on both ends: additional panels can be easily added


for longer duration; or additional batteries for more power.  The expanded systems can be used to power schools, small clinics and irrigation/water pumps. 





School powered by solarSolar powered Community Health Clinic
Solar powered Irrigation Expanded System Solar Water Pump

 Solar Electric Complementary System

The Solar Home System – Equalizer, can be wired to run alongside the existing electricity in the house.  The panels will harness the power generated by the sun.  The generated energy is stored in the battery. The battery acts as a reservoir of energy, designed to deliver power to the unit in the event of power failure in the main source or as needed.  The operation can substitute or augment power source and deliver uninterrupted power supply.


Solar/Electricity House